Send to Application

Send to Application 1.0

Emulate the 'Open With...' feature in Palm OS


  • Simple to operate
  • Provides lots of information about a file


  • Dull looking interface


At first, the premise of this software may seem a little pointless - a program that allows an application to send data to itself. On closer inspection, however, Send to Application actually serves a number of useful purposes not currently available in the Palm OS.

In fact, if you're someone who switches information between different devices and external memory on a regular basis then you should find it drastically improves your productivity.

Basically, the program adds a new feature to your options menu entitled 'Send to Application'. From here you can request any file to be exported for a particular app.

There are a number of useful tasks you can perform by using this function, such as installing ringtones by sending *. mid or *. amr files to "Sounds" applications, importing photos into Media, and reading text files in Memo.

If you want to be able to share data with different applications or duplicate information to be used in another way, then Send to Application proves very useful.

Send to Application is designed to send data from one application to another. The sender does not have to be the same application as the receiver.

The most common example is the file manager reading the card and transferring data to other applications. As a result, it gives you the reverse of "Send to Card", i.

Send to Application


Send to Application 1.0

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